Sunday, November 15, 2009


Sleep is good. I never seem to get enough, but I like it. My computer has this menu option called "Sleep", and when I select that, the machine goes to sleep right away. I often find myself wishing I had that little menu option. "OK, go to sleep now." I tend to be a little bit of an insomniac. As much as I like sleep, sometimes I just have a hard time making myself actually do it. My mind needs a lot of time to wind down.

And sometimes I find myself having a hard time going to sleep because I'm too tired. I know that sounds crazy. I end up lying in bed, yawning, eyes watering, and essentially being to obsessed with being tired for a while to actually fall asleep.

On the good nights, when I can relax, I tend to think about pleasant things. Like imagining soaring over the world at night, flying on the winds, with lots of twinkly stars and people below sleeping. Or when I was little I used to imagine that my bed was a boat that would gently float down a river as I fell asleep. Then on some nights I would imagine I was paying extra for the "deluxe" sleep river that went through beautiful gardens. (I have no idea what I was paying extra with.) Yeah, I was a weird little kid, but it was a good fantasy.

Sleep is good. I think I'll go get some.

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