Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last night I dreamed I forgot I had a class Tuesday. It was apparently the elementary education majors class, and they were all sitting in the room with the big tables for the whole period waiting for me. (Yeah, like that would happen.) I finally remembered (for some reason) and was dashing around trying to get ready, when I remembered I had another class after the first one. Since the room was still full of my last class of students, the next class had gone to another classroom downstairs. I had a notion of trying to rush back and forth between the two classes, setting each one to various tasks as I went between them. (Never mind that this would imply I must have been scheduled for two classes at once.) I never got myself organized enough to actually start with either class, 'though, and I was pretty sure time must have run out on the first class by the end.

I don't usually have dreams like that mid-semester, although I certainly know the feeling of rushing around and getting nothing done. I do sometimes have similar dreams at the start of the semester. Usually those don't involve forgetting a class altogether. Pre-semester dreams tend to involve being fifteen minutes late for class and running around trying to photocopy my syllabus and get ready. I understand well the fear of not being ready for the semester. Apparently now I'm also afraid I'll forget classes altogether during the semester.

Of course, by the time I woke up, I had no idea whether I had classes on Tuesdays or, if so, how many. Thankfully I have 'til Tuesday to figure that out again.

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