Friday, November 27, 2009

Random thoughts

Random thoughts for today:
  • I ended up with leftovers of everything but turkey yesterday, since I supplemented the contents of a frozen dinner for my Thanksgiving feast. So I may have been the only person in the world to go out and buy frozen turkey dinners today, so I can use up the rest of the stuff.
  • From the "Things I wish my Students Knew" file: You cannot tell which of x or -x is negative without knowing something about x. (Of course, if x = 0, neither is. But I'm not looking to completely blow their minds.)
  • Two more weeks of classes to go. The end is in sight. But the spring semester is too near. There is a monster at the end of the semester!
  • The weather is finally turning cold. My fingers are getting cold while I'm at home. I've noticed I have more of a problem with my "mousing" hand while I'm at the computer, I think because it's the one I can never put in a pocket for a while.
  • There are occasional television shows that I keep up with a little because I think I'm hopeful the show will get better. The premise is interesting, and there's cool stuff going on, but the writing is pretty mediocre. Often the writing never improves. I find myself wishing some particular episode had a better writer, because I often walk away disappointed.

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