Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Never mind

I mentioned recently that I was slightly panicked because I didn't see how I could finish everything in pre-calculus during the limited number of classes remaining. This week, I had to figure that out. I needed to put together the last assignment sheet that gets the class to the end of the semester.

So I sat down and did a major hatchet job over the weekend. Topics got pared down to almost bone. In the last chapter I cut all exposition and essentially covered two sections by just saying, "here's two equations, now use them." But I finally came up with a schedule that could (minimally) cover everything I needed to by the last day of classes, although I wasn't proud of what I was going to do.

To finish the schedule, I looked up our final exam time so I could put that on too. Then I... oh, look at that: We actually have two weeks after we get back from Thanksgiving break, not one. I can finish the chapter up in a reasonable way after all.

Never mind.

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