Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby in a basket

As I passed a shopping cart in aisle at K-mart, I noticed a small foot waving around inside the cart. Laying flat on the bottom of the cart (which was lined with a blanket) was a baby in a sleeper, wiggling about on its back, making that goofy, vaguely smiling face that only babies can. Or at least, when I'm making the face and I think anyone has noticed I stop quickly and look embarrassed. I know people usually say it's just gas, but that's not usually where my gas comes out. Although I guess it can make me smile and giggle afterward, especially if it happens at a really funny time. But how often does one get to meet the pope, anyway? Maybe I should have tried pulling his finger. (The baby's, not the pope's.) But that might have upset the parents. You don't want strangers playing with your baby at the K-mart before you've even gotten it to the checkout yet; they probably went to a lot of trouble to pick one off the shelf that looked fresh.

It's probably a really strange view of the world to the baby in the bottom of the cart. Big orange grids on all sides, and looking straight forward all you can see are ceiling tiles and fluorescent lights. I'd probably be laughing at my gas, too.

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