Monday, March 13, 2006

Cell Phones vs. Dementia

I'm not the first person who has noticed that someone having a conversation with an invisible person via a cell phone with an ear piece is not easily distinguishable from a schizophrenic. But at the grocery store tonight it suddenly occurred to me that the ubiquity* of such phones has provided great cover for those of us who tend to talk to ourselves a lot and occasionally realize we're doing it in public.

And after observing a woman working at a Chinese restaurant last night, I also have to add that the phenomenon is slightly more unnerving when the person is speaking a language that makes no sense to you.

*Except with me. I haven't yet found the cost/benefit ratio to reach a point where I'm willing to have a cell phone. That will wait until either I'm rich, or cell phones work better. Or preferably both.

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