Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More Ooga-Booga

Since I introduced you to Ooga-Booga recently, I thought you might like to see the pictures we have up of him on the door to our common room/testing room. (Also the future site of Dean C's Celebrity Dance Party.)

Below, we see Ooga-Booga rising over the mountains, and skeet-shooting with son Oogie (2004):
Next, we see O.B. enjoying his iZot shuffle ("Utter chaos made even more random, starting at $99"), "Ooga Booga hates moving", "Guess what ELSE Ooga-Booga hates?" (all names are of local car dealerships), and finally "Ooga-Booga HATES meetings."

Another instructor's student once asked "Did someone's kid draw those?" He answered it was someone he worked with. Technically of course all the artists were in fact someone's kid, however.


ddean said...

Oh, hi John-
Whatever substances you have decided to experiment with, it's time to share ;)
Are you doing any Halloween festivities this year? It just isn't the same for me after grad school. I could sit on my porch with an arrow in my throat, handing out candy, but I don't feel like getting arrested again.
Hope you're doing well. I'm still loving my job. I seem to click with these kids. I had one in office hours the other day who was cracking me up. He was doing a genetics problem on the board while using street lingo: "OK...The dudes have the mutation...I mean the mutant bad. While the chicks...are mu---wild type. OK. Gotta get jazzed up for this next one. I'm taking off my sweatshirt now, look out..." The best part is that he was totally getting it, which as you know is the most satisfying part of teaching. Any good teaching stories on your end? I think the blog needs a greatest hits section.
The social life is a little sparse, because the town is small and most folks my age are married and have kids. But the area is beautiful. You ever go hiking around the Blue Ridge Mtns? I'd like to see them. If you are in VA some holiday, we should hang out, since my Mom is in Fredericksburg. Not sure where Dad is. He decided to divorce my Mom and to be very secretive about it. He has two addresses, both PO boxes, in VA and in AZ. And cell phones. He visited me briefly yesterday and I got a little more out of him, but not much. I'm trying to stay out of it, but because he is holding all the cards, I feel a need to be a watchdog for my Mom regarding certain issues.
Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog. I'll stay in touch.
Take care,

TMWA said...

Ah, some good points... I need to write a bit about my Halloween preparations this year. I should also consider writing about my happy moments teaching. Unfortunately, the unhappy moments probably make for funnier reading.

And I must emphasize in terms of the substances, Ooga-Booga was in fact created by someone else. I'm just picking up on a good thing. :-)