Friday, September 30, 2005

Nice weather means a nice day

The weather is beautiful, finally. Things are finally cooling off; we're around 70 with sunshine today, and everything is still green. It's a slow start to Fall. (I finally did see some leaves falling off trees last week.)

It's days like this that make me want to do nothing, which I've been fairly successful at so far. Oh I posted grades for my students (today is the last day to drop), but that involved a second trip home to retrieve a stack of papers I left behind. During the trip, I dropped my rent check and had to go back to retrieve it, making a second trip home and back in one day. But that just meant some time sailing along the area streets with the windows down, noticing that the weather is nice.

Last weekend was a little intense, since I had tons of tests to grade. The rest of the week got sort of crushed under trying to keep up with the opportunities I offered for bonus points after the tests. (The tests were a little disappointed.) But that's all over now, and this weekend can be a little slower. Next weekend I'm planning on making another trip to Atlanta, so I guess I have to get a little ahead. But at the moment, I'm feeling lazy. After a week as long as this one, I think I'll do nothing for a while. Which is probably what I'm best at.

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