Thursday, August 04, 2005

Who is the Tall Man?

Long ago and far away (in college), some of my friends developed descriptive names for each other. I didn't have one initially, but one day Bearded-Man No Hoo-Hah, in a fit of pique, dubbed me Tall Man, Wise-Ass. (I had been hassling him. It's what I do.) I liked the name, and it stuck.

Also long ago (at least it seems), but not so far away, I went to grad school, and I kept up with my friends in a series of missives I labeled "The Pilgrim's Progress", and for a while went by the nickname "the Pilgrim". (I started a bit of a trend. Several other people started similar chronicles detailing their own grad school journeys. Yes, we were a geeky lot.) Initially the letters were fairly frequent, but over time I seem to have sputtered to a stop.

Recently I found myself wasting way too much time re-reading these epistles and decided it was time to renew my efforts. And I thought to myself: "Self, I should try one of the blog thingies that are all the rage." I figured it would be a significant improvement over sending out my life saga by e-mail because, um... Technology! Interactive multimedia! Paradigmicity!

Anyway, blogger all that; here I am. (Actually, I'm just sitting in a chair right now typing. But in spirit, I'm on the web.) While I'm at it, I decided to go back to being TMWA.

And lest anyone should ask, I'm not tremendously tall and definitely not that wise. But a Wise-Ass? Well... that would be telling.

As a final note, did you know that the spell checker built into Blogger does not apparently recognize the words "blog" or "blogger"?

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