Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Revenge of Young Sith, or Inappropriate Giggles

OK, so I had to share this. I finally got around to seeing Revenge of the Sith while I was last down in Atlanta. (Overall, an OK movie. I have to give Lucas props for managing to make it look like he always had a grand scheme in mind from the beginning, which I don't really buy.)

But people in the theater must have thought I was a little crazy at one point. (Admittedly, I waited so long I saw it for a dollar, so I probably don't care what the other patrons thought.)

OK, very minor spoiler warning on the following, in case you haven't seen the movie and would actually be surprised by the scene I'm about to describe. Like, if you've been living in a cave on Mars for the past ten years and didn't see most of this coming.

So anyway, we all know Anakin turns evil. He leads a Storm Trooper attack on the Jedi temple and kills all the Jedi there, including all the kids. In one scene, we have an unbearably cute kid come up to Anakin and says (very earnestly): "There are too many of them! What will we do?" At which point, Annakin pulls out his light saber and gets a sort of grimmace. And I start giggling. Because I'm suddenly flashing back to Young Frankenstein. Remember the monster and the little girl throwing petals down a well until they run out? Then the little girl says "What will we throw in the well now?" At which point I swear I think Peter Boyle gets the same expression that Hayden Christensen later had in the Jedi temple. I think it's really the same scene. With a light saber.

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