Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ending Summer

I am rapidly approaching the end of another summer. In theory, I have summers off. This means I can do other fun things, like teach summer classes, catch up on projects I didn't get to during the year because I was busy teaching, and . . . prepare for my next semester of teaching.

I taught during first summer session this year, and that gave me a chance to start prepping for teaching the same course in a large section this fall. I've been teaching a class in large sections recently, and so I was asked to take this one. (Apparently I'm now considered a large class expert. I hope this doesn't translate into last-minute large class assignments, because getting ready for a large class is a large pain.) My notes and some other materials are already made, and I have a few ideas about how I might handle homework and tests.

I also feel the need to try to publish something. I have material from my dissertation which I haven't published yet, but every time I look at it I end up feeling there's so much to do that I don't start. It would be a good idea to try to get something published 'though, since I'm job hunting again this year. My current job is sort of a place-holder. I can likely keep it for a while, but the department will happily attrit the job as soon as I'm ready to leave. On the other hand, math teaching jobs are sort of sparse these days. So I search, and go on searching.

I hate having to put myself forward and try to sell myself in the job hunt. ("Hi, you don't know me, but you should hire me and pay me lots of money because I'm really awesome. Trust me.") It's another reason why I'm not looking forward to the end of summer: job postings will start to appear again. I also stress about it because my partner is working in another state, and we are still trying to solve the problem of getting us both to the same area again. Ack, I'm starting to think I should have called this "StressBlog", but I see there is apparently already one of those.

On the upside, I had a fairly good break, including a vacation with my partner (more soon), and this week I've finally managed to get to the gym a few times. (You could tell my letters were looking especially buff and ripped today, couldn't you?) Now if only food weren't so tasty . . .

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