Friday, November 03, 2006

Pre Halloween

Last weekend I got to see "the largest night-time parade in Pennsylvania", which is a Halloween parade held not far from here. My friends live on the parade route and hosted a party. We alternately stood inside (to get warm) or stood outside and "Woo"-d loudly for whatever group was passing by. (Well, OK, so the county Republican group only got an "Ah, yes.... Hello" and a polite wave from us, but most groups got a "Woo". I'm not sure why, but it was fun. I took a few shots of the parade going by:

Look! Here comes a skull! And Snoopy...

And a tiny car, for some reason:

It was an interesting parade, but sometimes kind of odd. A lot of the parts of the parade seemed to consist of trucks, possibly with a sign or people in the back waving. There were some floats, like this one:

In a number of cases, I couldn't really identify what the float was supposed to represent. (As near as I could tell, there was a float about satellite television at one point.)

There were a number of school marching bands, but they were riding inside school busses and not playing instruments because it was raining.

In any case, the party was fun, I met some nice people, and I even won an award for the best scary costume. I went as a Dementor:

(If you haven't read Prisoner of Azkaban yet, what are you waiting for? :-) )

As it turned out, the hood and gloves were fairly useful when standing outside in the cold.

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