Monday, November 06, 2006


I did as usual and wore horns for Halloween this year. These were fairly good, but the effect didn't come of as well as I'd hoped. (The latex didn't blend quite as well with my skin as it could have.) It was however somewhat appropriate; I gave a test to my Algebra students on Halloween. (I gave them candy too. I'm a nice demonic being.) Actually I had three people in my department who did not initially notice that I was wearing horns at all, which makes me wonder.

And of course I got home as soon as possible after my office hours to give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I wasn't sure how many I would get, and I planned to give some to my students too, so I got a ton of candy. Turns out I'm now left with a ton of candy. (And I didn't even have to hide in my apartment with the lights off eating candy and pretending I wasn't home this year.)

I think I did pretty well with the decorating this year 'though, for having limited time:

I'm not sure you can really see the ghoul on the door, but you can see it in the entry picture below pretty well:

However, I probably have a ways to before I get as good as these people, whose house I passed when leaving the parade party earlier in the week:

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