Sunday, July 30, 2006

So this is where I live now

Having been here a little over a month, I have some feel for where I'm living, and there are some things to recommend it. During the time I've been up here, I have:
  • Been to a Greek festival.
  • Been to both gay bars. They are of course about the same as I expect; mostly loud and somewhat smoky, but they exist.
  • Met with the gay men's coffee group twice. This is more my speed. It also got me onto a bunch of e-mail lists about lesbian/gay/bi issues in the area.
  • Found good shopping within 20 minutes of my home, including the great supermarket. A passable local chain is within about a five to ten minute drive from my home.
  • Found good Chinese, Middle Eastern, Asian fusion, and Irish food, as well as a place with great deli-type food and a good pizza place which is quite close to my home. I've been told of good places for sushi, Italian, and French but haven't been yet.
  • Joined a local weekly "happy hour" organized by friends in the area, which also allowed me to meet lots of nice people.
  • Seen a play. ("Hush Up, Sweet Charlotte", which is a spoof of the movie Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. It features the two female leads played by men in drag, and was fun, although I suspect I would have gotten more out of it if I were part of the cult following of the movie. The movie is sort of interesting too; Wikipedia describes it as being of the "psycho-biddy" genre.)
  • Seen a bit of Presque Isle in Erie, as part of the local natural wonder, yadda yadda. I included a picture earlier.
  • Visited an outlet mall about an hour south of here.
  • Found lots of furniture stores, but do not yet have furniture. I did finally order a recliner from one place, but it's not in stock and will take 45-60 days to arrive.
All things told, it's not been bad at all. Now I just have to see what happens when we get to the first snow fall, which I'm guessing must come around the end of August. With things currently hot and humid, I'm almost looking forward to this. (Yeah, right.) But I am spending a lot of time in the bedroom with the window AC unit. Blessed, blessed window unit.

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