Sunday, April 23, 2006


One of my favorite holidays is "The Day After Easter." Did you ever stop to think about how much candy is manufactured for Easter, generally with specific wrapping (or even shapes) designed just for Easter? And that all the left over candy goes on sale the day after Easter each year and can be had for cheap? If I were poor and had a small child, I would insist that Easter comes on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday, to give me more time to shop.

As it is, I usually make stops at a number of places on the way home from work the Monday after Easter to stock up. You can have enough candy to last for months--if you have that kind of self control. If you don't mind chocolate in the shape of bunnies or eggs, and if you like jelly beans (I love 'em), you can really hit the jackpot.

This year was a little more awkward than usual, since I've been carpooling with my neighbor and colleague, and couldn't think of a good excuse not to on Monday. So when I started up the car to go home, I asked "Are you in a hurry to get home?" followed by "How much would you laugh at me if I stopped to raid marked-down Easter candy at a few places?" The answers were "no" and "only a little", so I went for it. And he did only laugh a little, which I think was justified, considering how much I managed to load up on.

Target was the absolute bonanza, and it usually is. I think they have better selections to start with. I found one new winner: Sweet Tart brand jelly beans. These are awesome. Unfortunately, I only got one bag originally, and they were out when I went back to see if they had more.

So I guess I'll think about a better diet once I'm out of the candy. Fortunately, I may have collected enough candy to postpone that until September.

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