Monday, April 24, 2006

Coming Full Circle

As I get ready to leave, I've found myself having an odd sort of closure that will probably make no sense to anyone else.

The first year I came to grad school here, I took the masters level real analysis class and passed a prelim at the end of the year. (I loved the course, and it convinced me to pursue analysis instead of algebra.) My professor recommended a particular book at "the Bible of Real Analysis", and I actually found a copy in the library and used it to study for the prelim. Since then, I've occasionally looked over it again.

I've got some professional development money to spend before I leave now, and it occurred to me that I could order a bunch of wanted texts off of for cheap. My first pick? That "Bible of Real Analysis". It arrived this week, and I finally own a copy of the book recommended by one of my first teachers here, just as I start preparing to leave.

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