Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well I found horns, although not quite what I hoped for. They amused my students. Of course it also meant I was passing back tests somewhat in character. (Some years back, I wore a different pair of horns to class on Halloween and told my students that what they had suspected about me all semester was true. Then some wag in the back row shouted out "That's not what we've suspected about you all semester!")

I had a fair number of trick-or-treaters in the evening, and I think I succeeded (partly by the horns) in seeming somewhat menacing. I do try to be very friendly with the younger kids so as not too be too intimidating. (I like to see if I can make the older kids mess themselves, 'though.) I think one small girl found it a little overwhelming; she decided not to take the candy I offered and just leave. (Maybe she was just picky about candy, but I do tend to give good stuff.) On the other hand, there was a tiny little girl I think dressed as a butterfly or something (think one of those Anne Geddes creations and you'll have it about right) who seemed fascinated by me. She tottered over (assisted by Dad), I gave her some candy, she stared up at me for a bit, then started to head inside. Dad steered her back the other way: "No, no, this way--say 'thank you'!" I think she decided, this guy has horns, he sounds like Kermit the Frog (just ask my students), and he has candy. I'm staying here! Or maybe it's just the general fascination small children seem to have with me. My partner observed that whenever we were out to eat, any small children in the vicinity would end up staring raptly at me for some reason. Frequently over the seat of the booth behind me.

Someone on the block was apparently giving out dollars, according to some of the kids. Even though this person probably paid more than I did for Halloween, I still think that's kind of cheating. The real meaning of the season is free candy.

I think we had a slightly smaller group for Halloween this year than last, but it was fun. And now I've got lots of left-over candy, which is the best part. Low-carb candy. I'm sure it's all low-carb candy. Especially the chocolate.

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