Saturday, June 20, 2009

So what did we do?

What did we do on our recent Disneyland vacation? Well, we
  • Escaped the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
  • Helped defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Dined on the bayous of Louisiana
  • Watched top chefs make chowder
  • Went on daring adventures with Pinocchio
  • Rode a bobsled down the Matterhorn
  • Explored Sleeping Beauty's castle
  • Ate wonderful Mediterranean food
  • Went on the happiest cruise that ever sailed
  • Took the grand circle tour, including stops at the Grand Canyon and a primeval world
  • Learned to draw Tigger
  • Took a steamboat down the rivers of America
  • Played midway games hosted by toys
  • Sampled dishes from a food and wine festival
  • Visited 999 happy haunts
  • Had a scary adventure with Snow White
  • Spun out in Toon Town
  • Watched Aladdin triumph in a musical
  • Soared over California
  • Took a wild ride with Mr. Toad
  • Shared bakery goods with birds in the morning
  • Cruised through mysterious jungles
  • Munched Louisiana cuisine on a terrace while a steamboat went by
  • Toured the moon of Endor and battled the Death Star
  • Found Nemo
  • Toured the house of tomorrow
  • Ate wonderful Mexican food
  • Rode to the top of Mickey's Fun Wheel
  • Heard birds sing words and flowers croon in the Tiki Room
  • Sailed with pirates in the Caribbean
  • Raced through Monstropolis on a rescue
  • Learned that it's tough to be a bug
  • Took a plethora of pictures
  • Got shrunk, then blown up
  • Had many adventures with Winnie the Pooh
  • Took a monorail to Tomorrow
  • Experienced advanced Muppet technology
  • Had a lovely meal in Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen (complete with live Jazz)
  • Rode a mine train through a southwestern mining mountain
  • Went to Wonderland
  • Experienced an exquisite four course meal with lovely paired wines
  • Visited the Blue Sky and saw the future
  • Stayed at a Pier in Paradise
  • Generally had a blast.
Now the only question is how to top it.

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