Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long Winter

It's been a long winter. I had a rather sudden return to teaching after a full winter break, and then in the second week of classes I got bronchitis. I think it's finally getting better. This is why for Spring Break I just stayed here, but didn't really get caught up on anything. Plus it dumped a lot snow on us in the first weekend of break. (Some "Spring.") The neverending massive piling of snow looks like it might finally be done for the winter, but we're still not really getting above the 40s, so I'm kind of tired of the weather. At least I feel like I can go out sometimes again.

The semi-loss of my break combined with my busy winter break means I haven't seen my partner since Thanksgiving, which is contributing to the general suckitude of the winter. I've opted not to teach any summer classes, so I'll get to see him then, and maybe get something published too. So mostly I'm just waiting for the semester to end now.

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